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Chapter 18

It had been three days since Luke’s arrest and with every channel you change on the TV there he was, His mugshot and his arrest video. He was done with the plan finally and it hurt you to know that he was probably terrified, Confused and angry with you. You wanted to hold him and tell him that he would be out soon and that  everything was going to be just fine, But one of the things about Luke that you weren’t so fond of was how long he could hold grudges.

Your parent left you and your older sister alone for the week as they went to visit your dad’s brother, Of course they wanted you and your sister to come along but you didn’t feel like sitting in some snotty rich bitches house for a week as your uncle and his wife talk about hoe your two older cousins have just graduated from fancy collages, They always tried their best to make our family look like shit compared to theirs. You’re just hoping like hell your dad doesn’t open his mouth about the shit that’s been going on for weeks with Luke, Or how you’re possibly going insane from the lack of sleep you’ve been getting, Plus all the drama that’s more dramatic then a teenage soap opera.

You were growing tired of just sitting in your room all day and you wanted to do something to take your mind off of things for a bit and take a break. You decided to go out and check out the bookstore near by, the one where ashton told you to meet him that day when Luke surprised you with a gift, You thought maybe reading a bit might distract your stressful thoughts, but that wasn’t going to work when you noticed ashton’s car parked on the side of the building and with your luck they spotted you. You began running, Not sure where you running off to but your legs were getting tired and you need to hide. You knew they were probably pissed off and you didn’t want to deal with there yelling or arguing over Luke, You ran down an empty alley and with you poor luck it was dead end and when you were about to turn around Ashton’s car pulled down the ally and stopped right in the middle and you thinking that it was possible, you tried climbing the wired fence behind you but your shoes were wet and you couldn’t grip the wires properly, You felt two pairs of hands grab your hoodie and as they pull you down you cut your hand.

"Ow! Fuck!" You yell as you look down at your bleeding hand

"Oh my god [Y/N] are you okay i didn’t mean for you to get hurt." Ashton says as he holds the bottom of his shirt on your cut.

"It’s okay ash it just hurts a bit." You say

"Yeah it looks like it." he says with a worried look on his face

"Oh i think i have band aids in my car." he adds as he looks at your hand.

"Ow!" You say when he touches it.

"Sorry! here let me go-" he starts to say

"GUYS!" Calum says with a mad tone.

"Sorry." You and ash mumble at the same time.

"I’ll get you a band aid after they finish whining." he whispers to you with a smile.

"GUYS!" Calum says once more.

"Sorry…" You mumble again

"Sorry mate." Ashton says.

"Okay firstly i need to ask, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GET LUKE LOCKED UP?!" Calum yells.

"I didn’t…." You say quietly.


"Actually, No. I didn’t. Someone was sitting outside my window and when i went to go find out he ran like a some creepy stalker so i chased after him and when he went to go hide in Mrs. Cameron’s house he set off a silent alarm when he busted into the house which notified the police that someone broke in. So no i didn’t get him arrested he got himself arrested." You explain.

"But you let the cops take him!" Mikey says.

"You were outside right? why didn’t you do anything?" You ask.

"Oh but that’s right you’d rather save your own ass then your best friend’s right?" You add.

"Or maybe if you did you’d be to scared of what he would do if he found out about your little kiss you gave me." You say.

"Kiss? What kiss?" Ashton asks.

"LOOK  IT DOESN’T MATTER OKAY?! The one thing we should be worrying about is Luke." Calum says.

"Oh! look another reason i shouldn’t help you guys, you worry about the wrong things, like luke being in jail when Vanna over here is getting beaten by her dad. I mean this is why this all started right? To get her dad locked up? yet you all are sitting here worrying about Luke." You say

" You guys worry about luke and i don’t. That’s another thing we don’t have in common besides the fact that we’re trying to fix two completely different  problems, You care more about getting Luke free from jail and i’m over here trying to get the real problem gone. like getting Vanna’s dad locked up and prove to people that you guys aren’t the bad guys. But if you don’t want my help, if you honestly think you can handle his on you own then go for it." You say.

Everyone looked over at Vanna, surprised at what you had said about her father.

She looked down at the at ground, embarrassed with what you told them, You tried reaching for her to hug her but she just turned away and began walking off, Calum watched her walk off with a sad look on his face as if  he wanted to go after her, but they way he’s been treating her lately he was feeling guilty and ashamed of the hell he put her through, calling her names, tell her to leave him alone. He looked down at the ground.

"What’s the plan then?" Calum says breaking the silence.

"Get locked up." You say

You guys stood in the alley way, You contacted the police and handed the phone to Mikey.

"Yes, Hi are you guys still looking for the friend’s of Lucas Hemmings’?" Mikey asks making his voice sound deeper than it actually was, trying to disguise his voice.

"Great i think i just saw that one with the weird hair leaving the library." he says.

"Okay thank you." He adds. He nodded his head at you and began running towards the library.

You dialed the number again and you handed the phone to Calum.

"HI. I want to report a sighting on that Hood kid, The one who is in hiding with that Luke person, Yeah i spotted him in the park earlier, i think he may still be there. Okay thanks a lot." He says and he gave you the phone back as he run off towards the park.

Next was Ashton, You walked over with him towards his car and he got in the drivers seat, You dialed the number once more and handed him the phone.

"Police man? Yeah um.. That one cool guy, I think ids name is asher, or ashley, Or ashton… Ashton! Yes that’s his name i saw him driving earlier dropping off these other to guys earlier, I see his car, Its sitting in this alley a few streets from the park, Right next to that place where the sell books. Yeah the library." He says as he winks at you and try so hard not to laugh.

"Thanks dude, i mean Mr. dude, Sir dude? No wait police man? Hello?… They hung up on me." he says with a sad look on his face.

"I’ll see you later Ash." You say as you give him a hug and smile.

"Later." He says nervously and you began walking off.

"[Y/N] wait. Um…. Just in case this doesn’t work and i get stuck in jail, can you just look after my family once in awhile?" He asks with a sad smirk and you smiled and nodded, You waved and began jogging back towards your house, You put your hoodie over your head and and your sunglasses on your face, You could hear sirens everywhere an you ran faster to get home.

It was late and you were going through the plan in your head, All you had to do was run this town like it was your job, That means get as much attention on you as possible. You were going to prove that Luke wasn’t the bad one in this town and you were going to prove what an ignorant prick Mr. Hankins was. You were going to do everything it took to bring him down. It was now 2:00 Am and you grabbed your backpack from your closet, You began packing it with supplies you needed for the plan. You heard a knock at your door and you told the person to come in, You had your back facing the door and when your mom came in she told  you; you had a visiter, You turned around to see Josh standing there and you felt like your heart was going to jump out of your chest.

"Mrs.[Y/M/N can i talk to [Y/N] alone?" Josh asks and your mom gave him a nod and shut the door behind her as she left you and Josh alone together in your bedroom.

"Um…. I heard that your friends got arrested today." he says

"Yeah." You say as you turn back to your bag of supplie’s

"Are you going somewhere?" he asks as he stand beside you and looks at the things in your bag

"Yep." You simply say as you zip it up, You noticed a duffle bag in his hands.

"Are you going somewhere as well?" You ask and he smiles and looks down at the bag.

"Um, No actually this is for you i thought you might need the things inside." he says, You give him a confused look.

"I know you’re planning on getting my dad into a lot of trouble, I heard Vanna talking to Luke on the night he ran, My dad got into another fight with her earlier today and when i went to go check on her she was gone and i noticed a bag sticking out from under her bed and saw a gun in it, I got scared and wasn’t sure why my little sister had a gun under her bed so when i went to check it i found all of this," He says as he walks to you bed and dumps the stuff on your bed, You saw the gun that Vanna told you she had buried, A bunch of pictures she said she set on fire and countless bottles of the pills she also said she burned, On top of that there was the files that Mr. Hankins was hiding about the women he slept with and many more. You smiled at Josh and he did the same,

"She kept all of it, She told me she got rid of it…" You say as you shuffle through at the things on your bed,

"I’m thinking she probably kept so when the right time approached she could use it against our dad." He says

"Then why didn’t she just use it at anytime? She had multiple chances." You say

"I think she was just waiting longer because it gave her more time to have with that Calum kid." He says.

"Well why did you come to me, You could of just done it yourself." You ask.

"Because she doesn’t know that i know. She probably thinks i would hate her for it or something but in all honesty if i had the amount of gut that she does i would do it, And i know my dad is ass and i’ve grown up seeing him do the things that he does, Hurting my family, My friends… Innocent people in this town. It’s not right and i know i’m supposed to be the protective older brother but my dad scares the hell of me, And i’m not as brave as My sister, Or you, Or the other guys so i’m really relying on you right now." He explains.

"Well…. Everyone has tough brave side to them, But sometimes people are just too afraid, And if you’re up to it maybe you can help me and you can prove to people that you can stick up for something you want." You say and smiles and nods his head.

"Okay." He says and he helps you shove everything back into the duffle bag, You grab you backpack and he grabs the duffle bag, You both sneak out of your window and tiptoe to the front of your house, Getting into Josh’s car he instantly drives toward his dad office, He parked out front of the empty building and you both scoffed in unison a the huge picture of his dad’s face on the building, Josh reached into the bag and handed you a can of spray paint and a baseball bat, he grabs one for himself and you got out of the car and you both immediately began breaking the big windows in the front causing alarms to go off, When they were all smashed Josh climbed into the the building and began hitting everything in his sight, You took the paint and began writing not so nice things  on his face, Josh came back out and began laughing at your beautiful artwork, He then grabbed you arm and pulled to the car so you guys could leave before the cops showed up.

The next stop was to to destroy anything in your way, The more damage and alarms going off the faster cops woulf arrive and there was no doubt in your mind that >Mr. Hankins was going to show up as well.

It only took a couple posters of Mr.Hankins and some graffiti on almost every building Mr. Hankins owns until you heard the sirense getting close and closer, Josh smiled and gave you a high five as the both of you sat on the hood of a random car parked on the side of the street. The cars came to a screeching halt and and it seemed like the whole police force was there, They piled up inf ront of the cars and held up their guns, Pointing right at you and Josh.

"Are you crazy?! You’re pointing your guns at my son Your idiots!!!" Mr. Hankins yells

"Joshua come here right now!" He adds and Josh shakes his head.

Mr. Hankins’ face started turning red with embarrassment, He wasn’t used to people telling him no.

"Fine! Then go ahead officers shoot him, and that little bitch with him." Mr. Hankins says.

"Wait, Aren’t you that girl that showed us where that Hemmings boy was hiding?" A cop says, You looked at him and remembered him from when you road with him to go look for luke.

"Yes sir and i would like to show you something." You say.

"It’s in this duffle bag, if you don’t mind i would like to give it to you." You add.

"Put your hands behind your head and turn your backs away from us and i’ll come over and look at it." The cop says and you and Josh nod your heads as you turned around and did what the cop said.

"Are you sure you’re ready for this?" You whisper to Josh and and he nods his head.

The cop came over and stood next to the both of you as he slowly opened the bag, He began looking through it and kept shaking his head and sighing loudly with ever single item he looked at.

"Damn i knew your dad was mean but i didn’t know he was an evil bastard." The cop says.

"There’s more sir." You stated.

"Vanna, Josh’s sister hired my boyfriend, Luke to help her get her dad found out about all of his crimes, You see she get hurt by Mr. Hankins a lot and she was tired of it so she wanted him gone, For good. And my boyfriend and his friends were trying to help, You know the boys you arrested earlier today, You see, We aren’t the bad guys sir None of us are it’s all him." You explain as you point to Vanna’s dad.

"We were just trying to save Vanna. And Luke, and ashton and Mikey and Cal…. You know me sir, I have never been in trouble before, Hell i get straight A’s, And if you don’t believe me i have a recording of the guy Mr. Hankins was getting drugs from, And you see that gun it’s not even registered." You add.

"My dad isn’t a good guy Mister, We’re just trying to prove that to people, Not to mention he killed Roman smith, I saw him do it, He set the house on fire to make it look like a freak accident. I’m sure if you asked half the people in this town they would tell you all the crap my father has done to them." Josh says, Lying about Romans death.

"Are you guys like teenage detective in training or….." The cop says making you and Josh Laugh.

"I believe you guys, Trust me he hasn’t been the nicest with me, Not to mention he slept with my wife." He says with a sad look on his face, You josh just stood there awkwardly, Not sure what to do.

"Okay you two stay put." He says as he grabs the duffle bag and heads back over to the other cops.

"What? That’s it? You’re not gonna arrest them?!?!" Mr. Hankins asks.

"No. The only person getting arrested tonight is you." The cop says as he hands his partner the bag, Mr. Hankins stand there in confusion with a panicked look on his face. The cop shoved him up against the car and grabbed his hands and cuffed them, Another cop gestured for you and Josh to come over to answer some questions, You leaned against the car answering the questions as Mr. Hankins passed by, He stopped and looked at you and Josh.

"Why son? Why would you do this?" He asks.

"I dunno ask your daughter, She’s the one who planned it." Josh says and the look on Mr. Hankins’ face was priceless.

"Now who’s running the town?" You ask with a smirk and he glares at you as the cop shoves him toward the car.

Minutes later after the questioning The familiar Lady from the other questionings showed up.

"Okay first off i want to thank you all, Even Mr. Hemmmings and the other boys. What you guys did was very brave, something not even a grown adult in this town would do." She say with a smile.

"I would like to let you both know that Mr. Hankins wil locked up for a very very long time and he’s also being transported to a different prison so he will no longer be residing in this town anymore. I would also like to tell you That Lucas hemmings, Michael Cliffor, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood with be released tomorrow morning free of any charges." She says and the only thing you could do was hug her tight.

"Thank you Mrs…… I’m sorry i never got your name…." You say

"Mrs. Onica Hankins, My father’s Twin sister, And my aunt." Josh says, Looked at him with wide eyes, How could someone so sweet be related to someone so evil?

"So i guess there really can be an evil twin and a good twin." You say with a nervous laugh, Josh and Onica give you a smile.

The next morning you woke up bright and early to go pick up Luke with his parents, You looked into the mirror, Brushing your now light colored hair that you redyed last night, You were tired but also excited to see Luke and to have everything back to normal, You heard a knock on the door and you grabbed your things, You opened the door to Mrs. Hemming smiling, She gave you a hug and you walked to the car with her, The whole ride you were excited and a bit nervous, When you guys pulled up you saw Calum’s parents and sister, Mikey’s parents and Ashtons mom and siblings, They all had smiles on their faces which made you smile as well. You stood with everyone else and they hugged you and thanked you, It felt wrong though because you weren’t the one who started it all.

The front doors of the station opened and out came all four boys, Smiling as they walked over to their families, Luke ran over and hugged his mom and dad and then he turned to you.

"Mom dad can you give us a minute." Luke asks and they nod as they walk off back to the car.

"I just want to say thanks for your help." He says 

"So um.. Thanks." He he adds. He still seemed angry at you and it made you feel bad.

"Luke! Let’s go Your brothers want to see you!" Lukes’s mom yells.

"I’m gonna walk [Y/N] home and i’ll meet you guys back at our place!" He says and his mom nods her head and they drive off.

"You don’t ha-" You begin.

"Yes. I do." He says with a wink and you smiled and shook your head.

"Hey [Y/N]!" Calum yells as he runs over to you and Luke.

"Is Vanna here?" He asks and you shake your head.

"Calum!" His mom yells as she waves her hand, Gesturing for him to come back.

"I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow. You freaking spend time in jail and they expect you to go back to school. Pffft so fucking lame!" He groans., You and luke laugh and Calum runs back to his sister and his parents.

"Aw man my family isn’t home, I’m pretty sue my mom wanted to see you." You say as you unlock the front door.

"Oh no." He says plainly as he grabs your waist and picks you up, Caring you inside and up the stair to your bedroom. When you got there he lays you on the bed and you both begin kissing and before you knew it you both were undressed, Luke slid into you and started thrusting slowly , going deeper with every thrust, The room was filled with moans and loud breathing and once you came, So did luke, You both rode out your orgasms as Luke kissed you neck,

"I love you so fucking much." He whispers as he kisses your cheek and then your lips.

"I love you too." You whisper, He pulls out and falls next to you on the bed, You both laying there trying to catch your breaths. And both soon fall asleep in each others arms.

You woke up to a loud banging on your door and you and Luke start panicking, You checked the time on you phone and were shocked to know you and him slept all through yesterday evening and night, Meaning Luke hasn’t even been home.

"No need to Hide Luke mom and dad already know he’s in there." Your sister says, Luke gets up and begins getting dressed and you slip a shirt on and you open the door.

"Mom wanted me to tell you that you guys are gonna be late for school." She says as she takes bite of her cereal out of the bowl she was eating, it must be nice to be graduated from school already and skipping the whole college thing.

"What time is it?" You ask.

"It’s 10 minutes after 8, You have like 20 minutes to get to school." She says as she takes another bite, turning around and walking off back to her bedroom.

You shut your door and you and Luke rush to get dressed, Once your both done you head down stairs where your parents are and you say good bye as you head to the door.

"Wait take something with you to eat!" Your mom yells, You and Luke run back to the kitchen and you guys grab two banana’s and you guys ran out of the kitchen.

"By the way Luke your mom was cool with you crashing here!" Your mom yells.

"Thanks Mrs. [Y/M/N]!" Luke says as he shuts the door behind us.

"Hey your forgetting something!" Your dad yells as he throws you his car keys, You thanked him and pulled out as fast as you could, Finally making it to school right as the bell was ringing, You and Luke ran right into the Class room and everyone was silent as they stared at you and Luke awkwardly and suddenly the whole class began clapping and whistling and patting you and him on the back as you walked to you seats, You sat down and the teacher quieted the class.

"Well Mr. Hemmings, Miss, [Y/L/N] welcome back." He says with a smile.

It was finally lunch time and you and Luke met up with the other guys at your usual table, Every once in a while someone would come up and Welcoming you guys back or saying hi.

You sat there while the guys were talking and when you looked up you saw Vanna int he schools office.

"Hey, Guys look." You say as you point over to vanna. Calum stood up and started walking her way and you all followed him.

"Vanna?" Calum says.

"Oh. Hi guys…" She says with a half hearted smile.

"I was going to stop by your guys’ houses today to thank you for what you did i should have just listened to you [Y/N]." She says.

"That’s okay Vanna i’m just glad you’re safe now." You say with a smile.

"I was also going to say goodbye." She adds.

"Goodbye? What do you mean Goodbye?" Calum asks.

"I’m leaving, That’s why i’m here. My mom and brother and i talked last night and we decided it would be better to move, To get away from the drama and the questions and media and stuff." She says.

"Where are you moving to? And how long?" Calum says.

"Um….. Forever i guess until i can go live on my own…. And i’m not really supposed to tell anyone sorry." She says.

"But… What about us?" Calum asks,You could see the hurt in his eyes and you and the other boys decided to give them some space, Mikey being the nosy one dragged you guys into an empty classroom right by them, You 4 stood in the door way just close enough to hear their conversation.

"What do you mean us?" Vanna asks.

"I mean, what about all the things we’ve been through together? You slept with me, Multipal times actually, not to mention all the shit i’ve done for you in the past couple of weeks. I thought you had feelings for me?" Calum asks.

"I do. But i’m not sure if you do. You sleep with people for fun calum, And i know that when we slept together it was just a one night stand to you. I know it didn’t mean anything to you Cal. And the only reason why you were helping was because you worried about Luke, You didn’t do it to help me, You didn’t to make sure your friend was going to be okay." Vanna says.

"You’re really cool Calum, Every girl in this school wants you, And you could have anyone you wanted And i know you wouldn’t choose me and i’m okay with it because i just want you to be happy." Vanna adds, You could here her voice shaking and she was sniffling and you knew she was trying not to cry.

"But what if i choose you." Calum asks.

You could hear Vanna crying a bit and your heart felt like it was breaking.

"I wouldn’t choose me if i were you, I’m just a loser with daddy issues." Vanna says.

"Please don’t leave Vanna." Calums says.

"Misses Hankins the dean will see you now." a lady says.

"I have to go, I have plane to catch after this meeting with the dean." She say.

"Vanna Please!" He yells as she begins walking away. You could hear cal running, The four of you peeked your heads around the door to see what was happening, Calum dug into his pocket and pulled out a necklace, He held it up to her, The bell rang and vanna held her hand to her mouth as she began to sob and she just shook her head and walked away, Leaving Calum stood there alone dropping his arm to his side as he held the necklace. You guys walked up to Calum to check on him and as he turned around he was wiping tear from under his eye. You have never seen Calum cry or look as sad as he was right now.

"You okay mate?" Ashon asks and Calum shook his head and let out a chuckle.

"Why wouldn’t i be.. It just one love crazed girl that i don’t have to deal with anymore." He says with a smile as he drops the necklace in a near by trash bin. Calum, Mikey and Ash began walking off and Luke stayed by you as you dug through the can, You grabbed the necklace and put it in your pocket, Keeping it safe for Calum.

It was four months later and you and the boys sat on a couch at a ‘beginning of the summer’ party that you and the guys decided to go to try and have some fun, You guys haven’t heard from Vanna or Josh since those last two days before they left, Calum’s been quiet, He’s barely been talking and this is the first party he’s been to in  months, He just sat there look at the floor as he occasionally took sips of his beer, Mikey did his best to cheer him up but it didn’t work, Luke tried mingling with people at the party but it just seemed boring to him, You were tired from all the work you had to make up and all the exams you had to do and it surprised you when you found out that you passed everything, Ashton was happy and smiley like he always is as he talks to some girl. After the crazy weeks you had helping Vanna, Being back at school and living your normal lives just seemed so boring. Luke came and sat back down next to you and let out a bored sigh.

"Hey Luke right?" Some guy says as he sits on the coffee table in front of you guys.

"Yeah whats up?" Luke says.

"I heard all the stuff you guys did for Vanna and i was wondering if you guys could help me out too?" He says, Luke looked at you and then back at the guy.

"Sure." He says with a smirk

The End.


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Make Me Choose: hemmingitup asked michaels legs or lukes legs??




  • 8/15/2014 @ 12am: Detroit, MI
  • 8/15/2014 @ 8pm: Louisville, KY
  • 8/31/2014 @ 12am: Jacksonville, FL

Those of you that live in these areas, please remember to STAY in your homes during the Purge!!! Joke or not, it’s better to not risk it….

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Ok for people who’s city is on this list, like mine:


also, if anyone needs to talk bc they’re scared, message me because we all are going through the same thing


5sos seen leaving their hotel in Philidelphia


5sos seen leaving their hotel in Philidelphia

WWA Tour: Foxborough - August 08, 2014 [x]



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